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Real Friends [x]

Jesus Christ-Brand New

broken… by louveciennes on Flickr.

Being As An Ocean by Heidi-Charlotte Murray on Flickr.

Basement @ Yours & Owls - 2/712 (re-edit)

Wildlife - La Dispute (No Sleep Records) 2011
Limited to 1000 on gray vinyl

3 a.m. friends

Kyle Soto - Seahaven

These lyrics mean so much to me
Anonymous asks:Must be pretty hard when you dont know whats triggering. Aw. :/ maybe you could try to sleep a little? Idk, im really bad at helping to be honest, but i wanna try and help you so. But, just dont hurt yourself or something, okay?

Nono thank you for wanting to help, I can relate like if I could help other people I’d be able to help myself. Even just having a random person caring enough to send some messages is really nice so thanks

Anonymous asks:I hope whatever is triggering you goes away somehow. Just try to listen to music, play video games or call a friend. Just try to distract yourself (i know its easier said than done). Stay strong. xx

Thank you so much, I would if I knew what it was but I don’t, musics kinda just lost everything for me I feel numb to the world and it’s scary. Thanks though, really


Quantum Flux, Northlane